San Angelo To Go is the only locally owned restaurant delivery service in San Angelo, Tx. You can have food from any of our partnered restaurants in the San Angelo area delivered directly to your door. Ordering is fast and easy. Simply let us know what you would like and we will bring it to your home or place of business.

TAKE-OUT DELIVERY- We calculate the delivery charge based upon the distance that the driver has to drive from the restaurant. 95% of our deliveries are within 6 miles of the restaurant which is why we chose to make this distance our standard delivery fee of 4.99!

Do we take cash?

No, in order to protect our drivers from having to carry around change as well as large amounts of cash that they would have to accept throughout the night we feel that it is safer to accept all of our payments online. This, as well as the logistics of collecting money from multiple drivers across the city throughout the night currently prevent us from accepting cash payments.

What if the delivery fee is higher than 4.99?

If you decide to order from a restaurant and notice a delivery fee that is higher than 4.99 then we always suggest you choose a restaurant closer to the proximity of your house if you would like to.

How do you calculate the delivery distance?

We do not use a straight line measurement. We use the fastest route through the GPS and measure the actual distance that our delivery driver drives.

What if I know a way for the driver to get there in a shorter distance?

While we would love to accomodate every single person by using back ways and faster routes than what's available on the GPS, we are simply unable to do so. With the mass volume of orders that we do it would be logistically impossible to keep our system moving and use anything other than the GPS calculated route.

Multi-Person Order Charges

You can now split payments for up to 5 people!


We also do large partied catered events from any of our partnered restaurands. If you would like to schedule a large office party delivery or food for a big family gathering to be delivered then just email

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the majority of the city of San Angelo.

Does San Angelo To Go deliver any day of the week?

Yes, we are open 7 days a week.

How does it work?

You simply put your order in online and then you can pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Gift Card. We will then pick up your food and deliver it to your door.

Do we accept tips?

Feel free to tip our delivery staff if you feel they have done an outstanding job.

Why are non-partnered delivery fees higher than other restaurants?

Partners are businesses that we integrate with to improve their marketing visibility and order/delivery flow. Non-Partners are places customers have requested delivery from that we don't work with directly yet. Deliveries from our partners are faster and more affordable, so customers are more likely to order from them.

What if I receive my order and realize that I ordered the wrong item or I receive an item I didn't list?

Just give us a call at 325-269-0204 and we will do everything in our power to resolve any issue.

What is San Angelo To Go's cancelation policy?

After you place an order, you can cancel your order anytime after submitting the order but BEFORE the restaurant begins preparing your order or for Fast Food restaurants before the driver arrives and places the order for you. To do so simply call/text us at 325-269-0204 or message into our facebook page.

If you would like to cancel an order AFTER your driver has arrived at the restaurant or your order has been placed with them, you will need to call/text our support team at 325-269-0204. Our support team will then confirm with the reestaurant that they have not begun preparing your food and are ok with the cancellation. If the restaurant has started preparing the food, we will be unable to issue a full refund for the order but you will only be charged for the cost of the food.

We realize that occasionally things happen and will do everything in our power to help!

What if I am not home when the driver arrives?

Your driver will wait at your delivery location for the entirety of your estimated delivery time if you are not home. They will attempt to contact you through the number you provided. At the end of that time your driver will leave with your food and redeliver if possible when you arrive at home if you call us at 325-269-0204 or message into our facebook page. But we make no guarentees that we can deliver or of the freshness of your food. You will be charged for the entirety of your order.

Thank you for using San Angelo To Go!



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