Falling for 2024

  • Friend Zone

    You won't believe how matcha you love this frozen lemonade! Grab one for a friend and you just may get out of the "zone"!
  • Candy Crush

    Everyone remembers their first crush and this one is truly unforgettable. This strawberry cotton candy creation will steal your heart in no time.
  • Cupid's Rose

    Raise a glass to this fan favorite! Cupid's switching out his bow for a boba straw this year and filling people's hearts with love for this refreshing rose!
  • 3rd Wheel

    Your new favorite tag along! This peach hibiscus delight is one that definitely won't be left behind. Available with or without caffeine.
  • The Proposal

    You'll like it so much you'll wanna put a ring on it! This strawberry rose concoction is one to write home about.
  • Hedylogos

    The god of sweet talk doesn't need to whisper in your ear about this drink for you to fall in love. This energized green tea seltzer is a flavor explosion like no other.
  • Love Potion #9

    Indulge in our enchanting potion. A romantic blend of chai and coconut crowned with velvety raspberry cold foam. Sip love's magic in every aromatic swirl.
  • Heartthrob

    Too hot to handle, this boba favorite has been on ice for a while. Watermelon and mint with a spicy kick are the perfect combination to get your heart pounding.
  • Romeo & Juliet

    A forbidden love like no other. Whether you side with the Montagues or Capulets, we have a chocolate covered strawberry surprise for you!
  • XOXO

    Raspberries and strawberries with a twist of citrus are the perfect match in this energizing sensation. Kisses, hugs and lots of love is what this drink is made of!

Specialty Latte Drinks

  • Chestnut Chai

  • Cookie Butter Chai

  • Cordial Cherry Chai

  • Eggnog Chai

  • Peppermint Chai

  • White Chocolate Chai

  • Apple Cinnamon Chai

  • Pumpkin Spice Chai

Tea Bar

  • Traditional Black Tea (Tea Bar)

  • Coconut Black Tea (Tea Bar)

  • Peach Black Tea (Tea Bar)

  • Golden Mint Tea (Tea Bar)

  • Pink Champagne Tea (Tea Bar)

  • Mango Peach Black Tea (Tea Bar)

  • Strawberry Hibiscus Tea (Tea Bar)

  • Sweet Lemonade (Tea Bar)

Custom Brewed Black Tea

  • Almond Amaretti Black Tea

  • Apple Crumble Black Tea*

  • Belgian's Best Black Tea

  • Banzai Chai Black Tea

  • Bourbon Street Black Tea*

  • Bow Tai Chai Black Tea

  • Breakfast at Elizabeth's Black Tea

  • Breakfast at Paddy's Black Tea*

  • Coconut Creme Brulee Black Tea

  • Creme de Menthe

  • Danish Sunrise Black Tea*

  • Empress Grey Black Tea*

  • Faithful Yunnan Black Tea

  • Mango Breeze Black Tea*

  • Midnight Currant Black Tea*

  • Noble Grey Black Tea

  • Sun Kissed Peach Black Tea

  • Summertime Sherbert Black Tea*

  • Tiramisu Black Tea

Top Shelf Tea

  • Dreamscape Top Shelf Tea* (Sleepy Tea)

  • Embers Top Shelf Tea

  • Jasmine Pearls Top Shelf Tea

  • Organic Grade A Matcha Top Shelf Tea*

  • Pu'erh Purity Top Shelf Tea

Custom Brewed Herbal Tea

  • Beachside Bonfire Herbal Tea

  • Berry Julep Herbal Tea

  • Cinnamon Blondie Herbal Tea

  • Hawaiian Stroll Herbal Tea

  • Strawberry Gardens Herbal Tea

  • Ruby Slipper Herbal Tea

Signature Cocoa

  • Cordial Cherry Cocoa

  • White Chocolate Cocoa

  • Eggnog Cocoa

  • Gingerbread Cocoa

  • Peppermint Cocoa

  • Dark Chocolate Cocoa

Treats & Snacks

  • Nobilitreats Pumpkin Patch Gummies

  • Cheesy Caramel Popcorn

  • Love Corn Sea Salt

  • Love Corn Smoked BBQ

  • Hickory Meat Stick

  • BBQ Seasoned Beef Stick

  • Popping Pearls


  • Watermelon Velocifreeze

  • Juicy Strawberry VelociFreeze

  • Strawberry Lime VelociFreeze

  • Fruit Fusion VelociFreeze

  • Orange VelociFreeze

  • Pineapple VelociFreeze

  • Green Apple VelociFreeze

  • Blueberry Mojito VelociFreeze

  • Blueberry Lemonade VelociFreeze

  • Cotton Candy VelociFreeze

  • Blue Raspberry VelociFreeze

  • Wild Berry VelociFreeze

  • Grape VelociFreeze

Custom Brewed Green Tea

  • Georgia Peach Green Tea

  • Harmonize Green Tea

  • Havana Hideaway Green Tea

  • Imperial Gunpowder Green Tea

  • Organic Sencha Green Tea

  • Pink Champagne Green Tea*

  • Raspberry Refresher Green Tea*

  • Rejuvenate Green Tea*

  • Serenity Green Tea

  • Strawberry Fields Green Tea*

Custom Brewed Wellness Tea

  • Defense Wellness Tea*

  • Endurance Wellness Tea

  • Full MonTea

  • Recover Wellness Tea

  • Satiate Wellness Tea

  • Teatox Wellness Tea

Oolong Tea

  • Emerald City Oolong Tea

  • Majestic Ginger Oolong Tea

  • Regal Plum Oolong Tea

  • Southern Charm Oolong Tea

  • Tiki Lounge Oolong Tea

Rooibos Tea

  • Autumn Whisper Rooibos Tea*

  • Coconut Banana Foster Rooibos Tea*

  • LaLa Lemon Rooibos Tea

  • Mint Kiss Rooibos Tea

  • Peachside Mango Rooibos Tea

Custom Brewed White Tea

  • Blueberry Bliss White Tea

  • Caribbean Retreat White Tea

  • Dragonfruit Twist White Tea

  • Peach Bellini White Tea*

  • Pearlescent Earl Grey White Tea*

  • Vanilla Sky White Tea*